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Butterfly Arkanoid

Some evil greedy dwarfs came to Butterflyland and immured all butterflies in mysterious dungeons
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19 February 2010

Editor's review

Magical cities and mythical lands form the basis of several fairy tales and bedtime stories that left us wondering in amazement and pleasant surprises as the beautiful damsels in distress were rescued by their brave princes from the clutches of evil witches or wicked sorcerers. Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs along with Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood are just few of the spectacular fables that were a staple diet during childhood. Besides story books, and motion pictures, successful games have also been developed around the said premises that enable the players to enjoy the same thrill as they would actually relive the story. Butterfly Arkanoid 1.0 is one such fairytale-like game story that revolves around innocent butterflies and evil dwarfs.

Butterfly Arkanoid opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying the blocks of stone underneath which innocent butterflies are trapped in Butterflyland by the wicked dwarfs. Sometime back they were happy and gay; however the arrival of evil dwarfs disturbed the calm of the country and imprisoned them in several dungeons which were built of hard stone blocks. The innocent butterflies long for help and assistance so that they can fly freely once again; the player would control the game and become responsible for the butterflies’ freedom. The primary aim is to destroy the blocks move to the several locations to free the butterflies; the game holds nice looking interface and attractive playing controls that are organized enough to enable the player to save the game at a certain point and get back to it later on.

To conclude, Butterfly Arkanoid 1.0 is an enhanced gaming utility that assures loads of fun and adventure for the player and hence receives a rating score of four points for its interesting premise and user friendly interface.

Publisher's description

Once upon a time in a far away country, there was…Don't you think these words are bewitching? Remember their magic effect on you when you were a child! They took your breath away and you plunged into the world of fairy-tale full of mysteries and surprises. This time you have a chance to go back to your childhood and be delighted with it.
So, once upon a time, there was a beautiful and happy country named Butterflyland, where all butterflies were gay and free. The land was blessed until evil greedy dwarfs came and shattered peace and quiet of this place. The evildoers captured all butterflies and immured them in mysterious dungeons, built of heavy stone blocks. Now all butterflies are sad and pray for help. They long for rescue, but not every person dare to challenge guileful dwarfs.
Butterfly Arkanoid, based on arkanoid style game, is notable for its simple control and captivating gameplay. In each level your primary object is to destroy all blocks to free butterfly and move to the next location. The game is well-organized so you can quit and return to it later. Nine amazing locations await you there to show you their tricks. You should know many of the blocks contain bonuses: some good and some bad. To make the gameplay more addictive and dynamic, you may collect these different bonuses. There are more than 20 types of bonuses, which let you unlock next levels, destroy all blocks, expand or speed up bat, make the ball big or small. Keep off falling coal that may subtract your points!
Climb higher and higher by breaking through the blocks in Butterfly Arkanoid now! Many new obstacles and surprises will appear on your way. Breaking the blocks, do not forget to pick up jewels, coins and elixirs that will help you to progress.
If you like arkanoid style games but wish for something fresh, Butterfly Arkanoid is special for you! Despite the simplicity of the storyline the game requires speed and dexterity. Can you destroy blocks and save butterflies?
Butterfly Arkanoid
Butterfly Arkanoid
Version 1.0
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